August 25, 2019


With so many options on the market today, it’s a wonder any of us know where to turn!  Lucky for you, we have some info on our cutting-edge, trendy new brand that’s sure to up your skin care game in no time flat – ladies, meet ORO24KARAT.

Make no mistake, we believe each and every woman is gorgeous in her own regard – and ORO24KARAT seeks to improve upon your natural beauty, so as not to alter your appearance but to improve it and sustain it for many years to come.

What is ORO24KARAT?

ORO24KARAT, otherwise known as ORO24K, is a sexy new skincare brand that was developed for the modern woman who wants to ward off the signs of aging with products that contain the best quality ingredients at a price point they can actually afford. If that’s not plush enough, get this: all of the ORO24KARAT products contain pure 24 karat gold — adding luxury to your every day skin care routine without breaking the bank.

Benefits of Gold Skin Care Products

Although you might have already been sold on these products when you heard ‘affordable luxury’ and ‘gold’, you probably want to know a little bit about what the products can actually do for your skin. Well, for starters, they provide excellent anti-aging benefits as gold has been known to be a great anti-oxidant and contains anti-inflammatory properties. Including gold in the products provides the customer with a boost in the free radical arena, fighting off wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin and discoloration. They will moisturize, tone, and lovingly envelop your skin in freshness that lasts all day long – dosing your pores with much needed vitamins, minerals and ingredients that will make your skin sing!

Facts to Write Home About

Other important things to note are that ORO24K sources all of its ingredients from the United States, and crafts each individual product right here in America . We are 100% cruelty freefrom start to finish. Lastly, we are FDA approved – earning us major brownie points in the safety department.

Who Should Use ORO24K?

Our products are suitable for any skin type, gender, & for anyone in their 20’s and above looking to improve their skin and ward off signs of aging for as long as possible. If you find yourself struggling with sensitive, dry skin, this product would even be suitable for you as it’s non-irritating and non-comodogenic.

ORO24KARAT is a game changer, and it’s a bit newer to the neighborhood – but the science behind the products is tried and true.

CEO Eliad Schwartz says in a statement, “ORO24KARAT is going to change the way you do skin care. We wanted something that was cutting-edge, affordable, yet luxurious because we believe every woman deserves to pamper herself and care for her skin with the highest quality ingredients. We all deserve to feel and look our best.”

You owe it to yourself to visit our website at http://www.ORO24KARAT.com to learn more about our products, their ingredients, and what our line can do to accentuate your natural beauty and sustain it for time to come. Your face is the first thing people see. Make a lasting impression that counts by choosing the quality found in ORO24KARAT without compromise.